Addressing America’s Dropout Problem

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Despite growing attention and concern about our nation’s excessively high dropout rate, the problem continues to exact a heavy shadow on America’s future. What is not so clear is why the remedies that the education community and policymakers have pursued to address the problem have been so inadequate. Dr. Pedro Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University, author, and Education Matters contributor, examines the reasons these policies have failed, the false assumptions about students and schools that have blocked progress, and what must happen to turn things around.

Bridging the Gender Gap

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 Trends are showing that boys have been steadily falling behind girls in educational placement over the past several years. One possible factor, say educators, is that the social and emotional “soft” skills that girls acquire at home often give them an edge in school. Now many schools are looking for ways to improve the learning environment to help eliminate the gender gap. A mother of two boys asks Education Matters contributor Dr. Pedro Noguera to address the gap in educational achievement that she’s been observing at her children’s school.

Getting to the Common Core of the Matter

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Common core standards have been adopted by 44 states across the county to help expose all children to a rigorous curriculum, regardless of the jurisdiction they live in. But questions remain about its implementation. With students and teachers still confused about the new standards, a fourth-grade math and science teacher asks Education Matters contributor Dr. Pedro Noguera how common core standards will make our children more competitive, and whether there are universal guidelines to teaching the new curriculum.

Introducing: Education Matters

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Education has long been the foundation for America’s success. With a keen eye for the intricacies of the evolving needs of education in an increasingly global marketplace, internationally renowned Professor of Education Pedro Noguera, Ph.D. provides cogent, provocative analyses of the most pressing Education Matters. Both through commentaries and by means of weekly three-to-five-minute vignettes, Noguera engages parents, teachers, school administrators, policymakers and other education stakeholders on the vital education issues facing the nation.


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