About New Visions, New Voices

New Visions, New Voices is a Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)-funded initiative that produces a series of short- and long-form programming aimed at bringing more diverse voices to public radio. New Visions, New Voices will tap into some of the nation’s most important emerging voices to offer public radio the rich, varied voices that are necessary for public radio’s reach to its evolving diverse audiences.  New Visions, New Voices will utilize multimedia formats and engage established and emerging talents to produce short-form segments including commentaries, vignettes, and features. Long-form productions will offer in-depth exploration of topics in education, technology, politics and more.

New Visions, New Voices will also identify and make a diverse group of talent available to local public media stations, program producers and existing national shows. Talent may be regular contributors for show features or called upon on an as-needed basis offering producers highly talented, engaging and intelligent contributors to help to broaden the American public broadcasting conversation.

New Visions, New Voices also seeks to support CPB’s American Graduate Initiative. The multi-year effort aims to help local communities identify and implement solutions to the high school dropout crisis by making the same talent available for community conversations. New Visions, New Voices will also target younger audiences, who may not find programming on the airwaves, by making content available on multiple platforms including online, mobile devices and social networking sites.








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