Latino Veterans

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Latino veterans have been fighting in America's wars since the mid 1800s. Though many join out of a sense of duty, the military benefits and the prospect of a better future are undeniable draws to service. Ramona Martinez examines whether Latino veterans have gotten enough back from the country they have fought for.

Grace Flores-Hughes: A Tale of Survival

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In the 1950s, Taft, Texas, was a segregated cotton town with a sizeable Mexican-American population, all of whom lived on the South Side of the railroad tracks. It was in a part of the state had a history of Anglo-on-Mexican violence, including police brutality and lynchings. Ramona Martinez spoke to one woman was born and raised in Taft, a place where success and upward mobility were not often seen.

Seniors’ Moment

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When we talk about immigration, many people forget that Latinos have been living in the United States for a long time, even before English settlers arrived on the East Coast. At the Vida Senior Center in Washington, D.C., many elderly Latinos come together to participate in a bicultural community and enjoy each other’s company. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, and to demonstrate just how many different cultures fall under the term “Hispanic,” Ramona Martinez went to the center to hear their stories.

Latina Stereotypes

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Maid, immigrant, bombshell. Oddly these are the most common roles that Latina actresses get to play in television and movies. These roles often re-enforce stereotypes that negatively affect Latina Americans in the real world. And they've existed since Latinas made their entrance onto the screen. Ramona Martinez has more.

Remembering Ruben Salazar

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In the 1960s, a Civil Rights Movement in the Latino community was beginning to take hold. Young Mexican Americans began to organize for greater political rights, better educational opportunities, and worked to establish a new collective identity. Los Angeles was the epicenter of this movement, and its chronicler was a journalist named Ruben Salazar. Ramona Martinez has this portrait of the best known Latino journalist of the 20th century.


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