Ramona Martinez

Areas of expertise: Immigration, Hispanic Heritage, American Civil War

Ramona Martinez is a Latina journalist whose work has been featured on PBS's Chicago Tonight and NPR's Morning Edition. She is a part-time producer at NPR's Newscast, where you can sometimes hear her 45-second news spots. Most of the time, however, she works behind the scenes, helping to get the hourly broadcast on the air. When she's not working on headline news, Ramona runs a blog and podcast called The Civil War Tours, where she speaks to historians, park rangers, and other experts about the American Civil War. She is also a Civil War re-enactor, and can be seen (dressed as a man) playing fife in the Calvert Arms Fife & Drum Corps, or for the 23rd United States Colored Troops. The personal highlight of her career so far has been meeting Luis Tiant, whom she met producing her favorite story to date, on Latino players breaking the color line in Major League Baseball. 

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